Wellington mental health Clinical Hypnotherapy session

Know Thyself!

To help you navigate your own path by the light of your own inner knowing is everything my hypnotherapy work is about. There are personal reasons for why I am so adamant about this. Here are some of them.
clinical hypnotherapist sitting on computer in WellingtonCovid-19: Accepting Your Triggers

It’s also at times like this when things that are likely to have their origin somewhere else can be activated very suddenly and for no apparent reason. And that’s OK. Your feelings are valid. All of them. Be with them.

Landscape of a the water in a dreamWas it just a dream?

Dreams have a mystical or spiritual quality to them. I’ve worked with many clients who have similar experiences. I’m non-judgmental of it. Personal spirituality is a powerful healer when applied correctly. The problems come when we bypass the fact that we’re human.

Clinical hypnotherapist thinking looking into distanceWhy Your Dreams Are So Vivid Right Now

Working with dreams as part of my Hypnotherapy practice in these “Uncertain" times provides a fantastic doorway into the personal subconscious. Here are some basics to help you understand why your dreams are so vivid at the moment.

Ready to Own Your Journey?

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