Covid-19: Accepting Your Triggers

It’s also at times like this when things that are likely to have their origin somewhere else can be activated very suddenly and for no apparent reason.

And that’s OK.

If you’re triggered by empty shelves, concern for your family, news reports, somebody’s sudden look in your direction, social distancing (or lack thereof), by the concept of heading outside, or by anything relating to Covid-19 – that’s OK.

If you’re going through stuff thoroughly unrelated to what’s going on right now – that’s OK too.

I want to emphasise this because the “high vibes only” committee is out in force. I love the notion of high vibes only because who doesn’t? But  continued exposure to this parallel reality can shame your emotions underground. That’s not the kind of self-isolation you need right now. Activated emotions are connected to beliefs that will most likely have an origin long before Covid-19 hit the headlines. Nothing is more valid than your emotions and beliefs. They are where you live.

In a nutshell, your vibe counts and everybody’s vibe fluctuates – and this includes the “high vibes only” people! You have complete permission to feel what you feel.

I also want to say something I’ve had to say to a few people lately. Your emotions and reactions at this time are nothing to feel guilty or embarrassed about. Let yourself off the hook. Anxiety, depression, phobia, and responses to past trauma are NOT a first world problem. They’re very very real.

If I could ask one thing of anybody at this time or at any time, it’s don’t invalidate or shame yourself any more than I’d invalidate or shame myself for operating business as usual during the pandemic. I’m actually incredibly honoured to be able to do what I do at this time – even if it’s on Zoom.

Your feelings are valid. All of them. Be with them.

And if they get too much, contact me for a free consultation to see if I can help.

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