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Malcolm is a well-respected clinical hypnotherapist based in Wellington.

He specialises in mental health, trauma and reaching goals and achievements. Having discovered the benefits of hypnotherapy himself, he has dedicated his life to providing others with the tools to confidently step into their own lives with positivity and self-directed growth.
Bowes Crescent,
Strathmore Park,
Wellington, 6022
9AM - 6PM, Mon to Fri
The fear has gone!
“I feel so centred and at one with myself. The fear has gone, and I feel ready to do what I was put on this earth to do.”
- Jody
Life-changing healing occurred
“Wow, Malcolm knows his stuff. He created an extraordinary safe space for my first hypnotherapy experience. Deep life-changing healing occurred”
- Liz
BEST hypnotherapy session
“My session with Malcolm was the first time in my life where any practitioner has got to the core of the issues, stayed with them, and done something useful with them. Exceptional!”
– Andrew
“Malcolm helped me go back to when I was a child and find the truth to answers I always feared. I have never had those thoughts or emotions come back to me like they used to. Truly wonderful”
- Linda