Was it just a dream?

Last night I dreamed I was in NYC. Moving. Invisible. Watching.

I woke thinking of my friends scattered around the world. In my NZ bubble, we have escaped the relentless pace of Covid.  I will never truly comprehend the full scope of what it’s like to be in NYC, London, Geneva, Cairo, or anywhere else right now.

Here, through a mix of geographic isolation and strong political leadership, we have it comparatively easy. This is not lost on me or others who live here. It hasn’t been easy but all things are relative.

I think of how I’m positioned to help. How that is what I believe in. Take your position and training and privilege and help others. Don’t feel guilty for it. Do something with it. On the ground.

And yet, this dream had a mystical or spiritual quality to it.  I’ve worked with many clients who have similar experiences. I’m non-judgmental of it. A lot of my heroes such as Carl Jung were too, so I’m in good company.

Personal spirituality is a powerful healer when applied correctly. The problems come when we bypass the fact that we’re human.

The human frame is where wounds present and wounds are the doorway to healing.  Sometimes, the door opens slowly. Sometimes the door crashes down. Our inner self will do what it must to be heard and healed.

The Wounded You Won’t Be Ignored.

On a micro-level, ignoring your wounds drives them deeper, where they  leak out as anxiety, depression, phobia, codependency, PTSD responses, and other stuff. On a macro level, they play out as the trauma we inflict on others and the world.

We see wounds playing out in violence, the need to control, and us vs. them rhetoric.  These wounds make us afraid to be here and afraid to enjoy all the fruits of being here. They make us afraid of life. They place our personal lives in the hands of others who have their own wounds;  politicians, gurus, fundamentalist religious leaders, and even our partners.

The truth is that none of these people has the answers for you. Only you do.

You are the answer to all of you – and there is no rule that says you can’t sort your stuff out, live life your way, enjoy the fruits of it, and have fun in the process.

I love life. Life is the essence of visceral sensuality. Look at nature and you’ll see it in abundance. Birth, life, death, rebirth, pain, destruction, wildness, colour and love.

Here is where we’ve harnessed technology and mastered making food and wine taste amazing. Here is where we raise our children. Here is where we fall in love. Here is where we have sex. Here is where we can create art and music and lose ourselves in a rush of paint and notes. Here is where we can feel the roar of the wind. Here is where we can look at a leaf bug in nuanced detail or be entranced by the note of a violin. Here is where we can stare at the ocean or touch a tree. Here is where we can cook and laugh and make money and live and live and live.

Here is life. Right here and now. Covid-19  or no Covid-19. I suspect that if the dead do talk to us, they’re telling us about the sensory details of the lives they lived. The juice of an orange. The feeling of raindrops. Touch. About how much they love us.

You will never have this experience of your life again. Not like this.

People ask me if I believe in magic or alchemy and, in a way I do.

Magic is the manipulation of unseen energy.

Alchemy is the change of energy from one state to another.

The definition of “occult” is “hidden.”

Hypnotherapy applies changes to that which is hidden, unless seen through the lens of an MRI scan. What lights up the scan is energy. Hypnotherapy manipulates and alchemises this energy in the occulted unconscious regions of the brain. Of course, hypnotherapy is really the tool. You’re actually the magician applying the tool. Ownership of your power is where real magic happens.

All talk of magic aside though, what will create a better life for yourself, once we find a vaccine and something akin to normality returns, is the courage to look at your wounds just enough so you can find their origin, gain insights, and overwrite all the parts of you that apply. The best time to look at them is when the wound is presenting at it’s strongest. For many people, that time is right now.

Doing this sure beats having your own muck leak out onto your life, the world, and those in your care. Hypnotherapy is an application that gives you the power to make tangible, real world changes to your tangible real world life. We don’t linger on the wound. We dive into the doorway to find the insights and create psychological and emotional change.  The alchemy of transforming the occulted 96% of your mind, where everything you are lives, so the other 4% gets the message.

As a hypnotherapist, I confess that I have seen results that defy conventional academia.  I’m not going to pretend otherwise. Many of these things are about belief. Brains are blessed with neuroplasticity and beliefs are powerful change agents.

Whether you choose to see it as magic or science is immaterial.

I’m just happy we can get real world results.

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