Why Your Dreams Are So Vivid Right Now

A lot of people are having very intense dreams at the moment.

I work with dreams as part of my Hypnotherapy practice as they are a fantastic doorway into the personal subconscious.

During Covid-19, I’m doing more dream work than ever.

Here are some basics to help you understand why your dreams are so vivid at the moment.

1/ Dreams are a mix of context and content. That is the context of what is going on in your life mixed with the content of the dream.

2/ We are living in a time of base level stuff. There is a virus. We are being told to keep ourselves clean. We are in isolation. Many of us are in isolation with other people with whom we have some form of a relationship. You may be away from others you wish you could be with right now.  Your dreams are your mind’s way of processing big events like Covid-19.

3/ Dream content is personally symbolic. Each part of it will represent something. There are many powerful archetypes but the best thing to do is look at your feelings toward each aspect of the content. Be detailed and don’t write off the less whizz-bang stuff.

4/ The dream will be trying to tell you something. Dreams always have messages. Every time. Pick it apart. Keep a journal by your bed.

5/ In the context of everything you feel at the moment being OK, everything you dream at the moment is also OK.

Take time to sit with any dreams you have. Write it down. Turn it over. If it leaves you scared, get up, switch on the lights and have a cup of tea. It’s most likely a part of you trying to tell you something.

Dreams cannot hurt you. Turn over the rocks in your psyche and see what’s there – because it’s there anyway..

The context of the times is “Uncertain.” Most dreams I’m hearing from people are related to personal attitudes toward uncertainty.

It’s OK to feel OK.
It’s OK to not feel OK
It’s OK to go up and down right now.
It’s OK to be scared, angry, sad, chill, or whatever in regards to yourself or those you love.

It’s not OK if these things are adversely impacting your life or the lives of those you love.

If they are, contact me in confidence and let’s see if I can help you.

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