Know Thyself!

“Know Thyself.”

I’ve always loved this statement.

It was the inscription at the Oracle of Delphi and the core message of the Pyramid Texts.

The more you know yourself, the less risk there is of getting sucked down the rabbit-hole of somebody else’s agenda or falling prey to the unconscious patterns of your past.

Everything of any value that has come into my life has come from following my own path- and everything that hasn’t has come from following the instructions of others who I did not pay to teach me or by trying to appease others who demanded my obsequity.

To help you navigate your own path by the light of your own inner knowing is everything my hypnotherapy work is about. There are personal reasons for why I am so adamant about this. Here are some of them.

1/  Following my guidance got me out of the small town I grew up in – which has remained fine for some but was never right for me.

2/ Following my guidance carried me to the Middle East when people told me it was dangerous. I cherish every memory.

3/  Following my guidance brought me a life I love living

4/ Following my guidance led me to build my life as a successful hypnotherapist.

5/  Following my guidance means I can help people through big stuff. Anxiety. Depression. Phobias. PTSD. And I get results.

6/  Following my guidance means saying “No” to endless sales pitches, conspiracy theories,  while challenging my own biases.

7/  Following my guidance means that the Group Therapy I run will always be about the nexus between mental health, psychology, and personal spirituality.

8/  Following my guidance means I smash it in this world and choose to surround myself with others who do the same. Those of you who know what it’s like to pour yourself into the real world. Those of you who get up every morning and do your best – whatever that means for you.

In Covid-19 Your Guidance Can Help You Answer the Following…

“How do I maintain or rebuild my business or career?”
“How do I escape domestic violence?”
“How do I cope with a crashing economy?”
“What will I do if someone I love dies?”
“Why am I anxious, depressed, terrified, or traumatised one moment then OK the next?”
“How do I reintegrate into a post-lockdown world?”
“What if this comes back again?”
Facing the reality of life takes fire, grit, and guts. But it’s deciding to face your feelings and find a way through that takes real courage. That’s why I honour anybody who contacts me for hypnotherapy. I know what it takes to say “I don’t think I’m OK.”

My guidance these days is to use the  tool that helped me heal so that I can help others. I know, from my own life and the lives of those who have worked with me, that this is possible.

Know thyself.

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